• Henderson Glass

    Henderson Glass

    Ideally suited for nosing and sipping, this 10 oz. Cask Taster style glass from Sterling perfectly complements The Henderson cocktail’s rich flavors and aromas. It’s one of our favorite ways to experience all things whiskey.

    ...from $22.00

  • Coffee Mugs

    Coffee Mugs

    Enjoy your Angel's Envy coffee in this 14 oz. ceramic mug. Featuring a comfortable handle and a smooth, stone-like texture , this sturdy mug will quickly become a morning favorite.  

    ...from $14.00

  • Bourbon Rocks

    Bourbon Rocks

    The perfect whiskey deserves the right glass. Our custom-made rocks glasses have just the right weight and are ideal for easy sipping.

    ...from $20.00

  • Julep Cup

    Julep Cup

    This elegant 12 oz. cup is the perfect chill-insulating container for your juleps, featuring a rugged, stainless-steel design that's built to last. 

    ...from $30.00

  • Insulated Rocks Glass

    Insulated Rocks Glass

    This unique kuzie glass is ideal for keeping your cocktails and drinks cold without a metallic taste for hours. Rocks Glass included. 

    ...from $25.00

  • Coupe Glass

    Coupe Glass

    First commissioned in England during the 17th century, the coupe glass was traditionally designed for champagne. While its broad shape wasn’t ideal for bubbles, it’s an exceptional fit for most cocktails. Our coupe glasses are created in Krosno, Poland at one of Europe’s most distinguished glassware factories.

    ...from $25.00

  • Highball Glass

    Highball Glass

    This high-quality highball glass features a fine rim with a classic, straightsided design and a pleasingly solid base. Not only does it look great on a shelf – it feels even better in your hand.

    ...from $20.00

  • Louisville Distilling Company Glass

    Louisville Distilling Company Glass

    This sipping glass, from Sterling Cut Glass, features a beautiful illustration of our distillery. It’s one of our favorite ways to experience all things whiskey.

    ...from $25.00

  • The Cask Taster

    The Cask Taster

    Angel’s Envy Cask Strength tastes even better when drank from its custom etched glass.

    ...from $20.00

  • Martin Rye Glass

    Martin Rye Glass

    Our custom-etched Martin Glass is the perfect glass for enjoying a pour of Angel’s Envy Rye.

    ...from $20.00

  • Copita Tasting Glass

    Copita Tasting Glass

    This sophisticated stemmed glass was designed specifically for nosing fine bourbons and whisk(e)ys.

    ...from $18.00