• Founder Barrel Head

    Founder Barrel Head

    Angel’s Envy custom engraved barrel heads add the perfect finishing touch to your home bar or whiskey collection. Each barrel head is made in Kentucky and features a pre-drilled backing for simple installation. 

    ...from $130.00

  • Julep Cup

    Julep Cup

    This elegant 12 oz. cup is the perfect chill-insulating container for your juleps, featuring a rugged, stainless-steel design that's built to last. 

    ...from $30.00

  • Father’s Day Hangtag Cards

    Father’s Day Hangtag Cards

    Order the perfect Father’s Day whiskey hangtag for just about any dad.

    ...from $0.00

  • Eco Knit Half Zip

    Eco Knit Half Zip

    Our stylish half-zip pullovers look great, fit comfortably, and are made from recycled polyester so you can feel good about wearing them. Moisture wicking and snag-resistant, these tops are also wash and wear for your added convenience.

    ...from $80.00

  • Quarter Zip

    Quarter Zip

    These 100% cotton long-sleeve, quarter-zipper tops offer stylish comfort with the added benefits of EZ Cool wicking technology, no-fade, no-shrink and no-wrinkle performance.

    ...from $110.00

  • Copita Tasting Glass

    Copita Tasting Glass

    This sophisticated stemmed glass was designed specifically for nosing fine bourbons and whisk(e)ys. Of the many glasses we tested, it is a particular favorite of our Production Manager, Kyle Henderson.

    ...from $18.00

  • Bourbon Rocks

    Bourbon Rocks

    The perfect whiskey deserves the right glass. Our custom-made rocks glasses have just the right weight and are ideal for easy sipping.

    ...from $20.00

  • Rye Rocks

    Rye Rocks

    The perfect whiskey deserves the right glass. Our custom-made rocks glasses have just the right heft and are ideal for easy sipping.

    ...from $20.00

  • Cask Rocks

    Cask Rocks

    Our custom-etched Rocks Glass is crafted from the finest mouth-blown, handmade Polish Crystal, and offers the perfect heft for enjoying a pour of Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels.

    ...from $20.00

  • Distillery Tee

    Distillery Tee

    Celebrate the Angel’s Envy distillery with our durable, short sleeve, 100% cotton shirts. Made in the USA.

    ...from $25.00

  • Polo


    This soft, light and versatile polo shirt is ready to go with you wherever you are, combining the sleek style of Angel's Envy apparel with the comfort and versatility everyone can enjoy.

    ...from $68.00

  • Distillery Cap

    Distillery Cap

    The Angel’s Envy® Distillery Cap is made from medium-weight brushed 100% cotton twill and features an adjustable metal slide and tuck closure.

    ...from $30.00

  • Flight Tray with Glasses

    Flight Tray with Glasses

    Each flight tray is handcrafted in Kentucky from one of our bourbon barrel staves. The unique tasting glasses are non-lead crystal, dishwasher safe and the perfect size for nosing, sipping or adding water or ice to your Angel's Envy selections.

    ...from $75.00

  • Mixing Glass

    Mixing Glass

    The Angel’s Envy cocktail Mixing Glass is hand-blown, non-lead crystal. The elegant design holds a 1-4 drink capacity. It will inspire at-home mixologists to serve our innovative and classic Angel’s Envy cocktail recipes for every social gathering.

    ...from $65.00

  • Angel Wing Lapel Pin

    Angel Wing Lapel Pin

    Share your good taste with the world by displaying our iconic, durable wing pin. Made from silver-plated nickel, these are the same wings illustrated on the back of every Angel’s Envy bottle.

    ...from $9.00

  • KY Bourbon Trail Field Guide

    KY Bourbon Trail Field Guide

    This 150 page Passport and Field Guide booklet contains  information about 37 unique distillery experiences throughout Kentucky. Participants can collect stamps and unlock exclusive benefits at participating distilleries.

    ...from $5.99

  • Port Syrup

    Port Syrup

    Created by an Angel’s Envy Whiskey Guardian, our Port Syrup is a key ingredient in our signature distillery cocktail, The Henderson. With a bright, rich flavor, this Port Syrup can add the perfect finishing touch to many classic cocktails.

    ...from $12.00

  • Socks


    Stylish and durable, these custom-made unisex socks will add the perfect finishing accent to outfits for every occasion worth celebrating.

    ...from $22.00

  • Koriko Shaker Tins

    Koriko Shaker Tins

    This Koriko Shaker Tin set has a 2 drink capacity for your convenience, and were designed for easy separation after shaking. Made of stainless steel, they’re dishwasher safe and a handsome addition to any bar.

    ...from $28.00

  • Ice Tray

    Ice Tray

    Not all ice is created equal. Our custom Angel’s Envy-branded ice tray creates six, slow melting ice cubes, providing the perfect level of slow dilution for on-the-rocks pours as well as cocktails.

    ...from $20.00

  • Bar Apron

    Bar Apron

    Stay neat, stylish and organized with our professional-grade bar apron. Durable and functional, it features two large middle pockets perfect for tools and recipes, and it’s the ideal choice not just for crafting cocktails, but also cooking and baking.

    ...from $85.00

  • Golf Balls

    Golf Balls

    We’ve customized these Titleist 2019 Pro V1 golf balls with our signature Angel’s Envy logo, so you can demonstrate your skills on the course, as well as your whiskey preference at the 19th hole.

    ...from $30.00

  • Golf Towel

    Golf Towel

    Made from 100% Turkish cotton velour, these ultra-soft midweight golf towels will demonstrate your appreciation for high-quality golf accessories, as well as your excellent taste in whiskey.

    ...from $15.00

  • Leather Coasters

    Leather Coasters

    Set of four leather coasters handcrafted and embossed by Clayton & Crume for Angel’s Envy. Created out of premium full-grain leather and proudly made in Louisville, Kentucky.

    ...from $35.00

  • Hoffman Bar Spoon

    Hoffman Bar Spoon

    Our iconic barspoon is a reproduction of the turn-of-the 20th century bar tool made famous by the Hoffman House in NYC. This smooth-coiled spoon is made of stainless steel and measures 13 inches in length.

    ...from $22.00

  • VEST


    Our handsome, Angel’s Envy-branded, weatherproof vintage vest is the perfect finishing touch for your wardrobe on a chilly night. Constructed from 100% polyester two-tone sweaterfleece, this rugged vest is as warm as it is stylish.

    ...from $75.00

  • Long Sleeve T-shirt

    Long Sleeve T-shirt

    This custom crewneck shirt is made from 100% extra soft combed cotton with double-needle stitching throughout and hemmed sleeves for rugged durability.

    ...from $35.00

  • Bottle Stand

    Bottle Stand

    Each piece is handcrafted from one of our bourbon barrel staves by local artisans, Lou and Kathy Burgess.

    ...from $20.00

  • Hawthorne Strainer

    Hawthorne Strainer

    Designed by cocktail renaissance man Don Lee, this strainer was made for heavy use with a very tight coil, and it fits both large and standard mixing glasses. It was designed to make it easy to do a true split pour, and is an excellent addition to any bar collection.

    ...from $18.00

  • Highball Glass Pair

    Highball Glass Pair

    These high-quality highball glasses feature a fine rim with a classic, straightsided design and a pleasingly solid base. Not only do they look great on a shelf – they feel even better in your hand.

    ...from $35.00