• Distillery Cap

    Distillery Cap

    The Angel’s Envy® Distillery Cap is made from medium-weight brushed 100% cotton…

    ...from $30.00

  • Flight Tray with Glasses

    Flight Tray with Glasses

    Each flight tray is handcrafted in Kentucky from one of our bourbon barrel staves. The unique…

    ...from $75.00

  • Mixing Glass

    Mixing Glass

    The Angel’s Envy cocktail Mixing Glass is hand-blown, non-lead crystal. The elegant design…

    ...from $65.00

  • Tasting Glass

    Tasting Glass

    This unique tasting glass is featured on our Angel's Envy Flight Trays and is available…

    ...from $18.00

  • Angel Wing Lapel Pin

    Angel Wing Lapel Pin

    Share your good taste with the world by displaying our iconic, durable wing pin. Made from…

    ...from $9.00

  • KY Bourbon Trail Field Guide

    KY Bourbon Trail Field Guide

    This 150 page Passport and Field Guide booklet contains  information about 37 unique…

    ...from $5.99

  • Port Syrup

    Port Syrup

    Created by an Angel’s Envy Whiskey Guardian, our Port Syrup is a key ingredient in our…

    ...from $12.00

  • Rye Chocolates 8pcSold Out

    Rye Chocolates 8pc

    With two pieces of each of these four delectable selections, these chocolates are perfect for…

    ...from $10.00

  • Socks


    Stylish and durable, these custom-made unisex socks will add the perfect finishing accent to…

    ...from $22.00

  • Viski Gunmetal Flask

    Viski Gunmetal Flask

    These elegant, gunmetal black flasks offer the perfect way to take Angel’s Envy to more…

    ...from $70.00

  • Julep Cup

    Julep Cup

    This elegant 12 oz. cup is the perfect chill-insulating container for your juleps, featuring a…

    ...from $25.00

  • Koriko Shaker Tins

    Koriko Shaker Tins

    This Koriko Shaker Tin set has a 2 drink capacity for your convenience, and were designed for easy…

    ...from $28.00

  • Artist Series Tee

    Artist Series Tee

    Each year, Angel’s Envy commissions a Kentucky artist to create a signature t-shirt…

    ...from $25.00

  • Ice Tray

    Ice Tray

    Not all ice is created equal. Our custom Angel’s Envy-branded ice tray creates six,…

    ...from $20.00

  • Bar Apron

    Bar Apron

    Stay neat, stylish and organized with our professional-grade bar apron. Durable and…

    ...from $85.00

  • Golf Balls

    Golf Balls

    We’ve customized these Titleist 2019 Pro V1 golf balls with our signature Angel’s Envy…

    ...from $30.00

  • Golf Towel

    Golf Towel

    Made from 100% Turkish cotton velour, these ultra-soft midweight golf towels will demonstrate…

    ...from $15.00

  • Leather Coasters

    Leather Coasters

    Set of four leather coasters handcrafted and embossed by Clayton & Crume for…

    ...from $35.00

  • Eco Knit Half Zip

    Eco Knit Half Zip

    Our stylish half-zip pullovers look great, fit comfortably, and are made from recycled…

    ...from $80.00

  • Branded Barrel Heads

    Branded Barrel Heads

    Angel’s Envy custom engraved barrel heads add the perfect finishing touch to your home bar or…

    ...from $130.00

  • VEST


    Our handsome, Angel’s Envy-branded, weatherproof vintage vest is the perfect finishing touch…

    ...from $75.00

  • Hoffman Bar Spoon

    ...from $22.00

  • Angel Wings Bar Spoon

    Angel Wings Bar Spoon

    Stir in style with our custom bar spoon. This handsome, stainless steel bartender spoon is…

    ...from $22.00

  • Long Sleeve T-shirt

    Long Sleeve T-shirt

    This custom crewneck shirt is made from 100% extra soft combed cotton with double-needle stitching…

    ...from $35.00

  • Bottle Stand

    Bottle Stand

    Each piece is handcrafted from one of our bourbon barrel staves by local artisans, Lou and Kathy…

    ...from $20.00

  • Bowties


    Finish your look with these sophisticated 100% silk, self-tie bowties. Each tie is handmade and…

    ...from $55.00

  • Hawthorne Strainer

    Hawthorne Strainer

    Designed by cocktail renaissance man Don Lee, this strainer was made for heavy use with a very…

    ...from $18.00

  • Julep Strainer

    Julep Strainer

    Good design is timeless. This strainer is based on a 1930s design which some consider to be the…

    ...from $18.00

  • Louisville Distilling Company Glass

    Louisville Distilling Company Glass

    Ideally suited for nosing and sipping, this 10 oz. Cask Taster…

    ...from $25.00

  • Highball Glass Pair

    Highball Glass Pair

    These high-quality highball glasses feature a fine rim with a classic, straightsided design and a…

    ...from $35.00