• Clayton & Crume Flask

    Clayton & Crume Flask

    This fine leather wrapped glass flask is handcrafted and embossed by Clayton & Crume for Angel’s Envy. Created out of  premium full-grain leather and proudly made in Louisville, Kentucky.

    ...from $100.00

  • High Camp Flask 750ml

    High Camp Flask 750ml

    This 3-piece bar set is designed for sharing. It will hold a 750ml bottle of Angel's Envy or a batch of shareable cocktails. With 2 tumblers, it packs easily for picnics, tailgates and social occassions.

    ...from $110.00

  • Ice Bag and Mallet

    Ice Bag and Mallet

    Experience your own crushed-ice ritual at home with this professional-grade canvas ice bag and mallet set. Use for julep and smashes and your own icy creations. 

    ...from $40.00

  • Ice Tray

    Ice Tray

    Not all ice is created equal. Our custom Angel’s Envy-branded ice tray creates six, slow melting ice cubes, providing the perfect level of slow dilution for on-the-rocks pours as well as cocktails.

    ...from $20.00

  • Ice Stamp

    Ice Stamp

    This Angel's Envy Ice Stamp will enhance your ice cubes with intricate Angel's Envy detail. 

    ...from $28.00

  • Japanese Style Jigger

    Japanese Style Jigger

    This brushed stainless and stylish jigger features 1 oz over 2 oz pours. 

    ...from $22.00

  • Counter Mat

    Counter Mat

    This durable 12 x12 Counter Mat protects your at home bar from spills and breakage. 

    ...from $45.00

  • Rail Mat

    Rail Mat

    This durable 3.25" x 24" rail mat protects your at home bar from spills and breakage. 

    ...from $25.00

  • Port Syrup

    Port Syrup

    Created by an Angel’s Envy Whiskey Guardian, our Port Syrup is a key ingredient in our signature distillery cocktail, The Henderson. With a bright, rich flavor, this Port Syrup can add the perfect finishing touch to many classic cocktails.

    ...from $12.00

  • Koriko Shaker Tins

    Koriko Shaker Tins

    This Koriko Shaker Tin set has a 2 drink capacity for your convenience, and were designed for easy separation after shaking. Made of stainless steel, they’re dishwasher safe and a handsome addition to any bar.

    ...from $28.00

  • Angel Wings Bar Spoon

    Angel Wings Bar Spoon

    Stir in style with our custom bar spoon. This handsome, stainless steel bartender spoon is topped with our iconic Angel Envy wings, and it’s the perfect addition to your home bar.

    ...from $22.00

  • Hawthorne Strainer

    Hawthorne Strainer

    Designed by cocktail renaissance man Don Lee, this strainer was made for heavy use with a very tight coil, and it fits both large and standard mixing glasses. It was designed to make it easy to do a true split pour, and is an excellent addition to any bar collection.

    ...from $18.00

  • Julep Strainer

    Julep Strainer

    Good design is timeless. This strainer is based on a 1930s design which some consider to be the best ever created. Made of stainless steel, it fits both large and standard mixing glasses, and features a mirror finish.

    ...from $18.00

  • Julep Cup

    Julep Cup

    This elegant 12 oz. cup is the perfect chill-insulating container for your juleps, featuring a rugged, stainless-steel design that's built to last. 

    ...from $30.00